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At RR Safaris we specialise in tailor made 5 Star Hunting African Safaris, ranging from plains game to big 5. Your African adventure starts here, we have over 150 000 hectares to make your African hunting safari a reality. Come hunt with us on 4 and 5 star destinations you will never forget at farms tried and tested by the founders Robert van Wyk and Adriaan Rootman.

RR Safaris has teamed up with the best in the business with years of experience and knowledgeable staff Come and relax, leave the busy city life behind and transport yourself to some of the most pictures scenes Africa has to offer

The entire hunting trip was organised professionally and all requirements and requests catered for in five star quality.

Michael Jennings, Client

RR Mcnab 2013

We make it a challenge whereby the hunters' ability and skill in wing shooting, rifle shooting and fly fishing is tested against some of natures most challenging sporting quarries from sunrise to sunset. The Macnab is a must for any serious fly fisherman / hunter

sThe hunters need to hunt Blesbuck , shoot a brace of Greywing Francolin or Yellow billed duck, and catch a Rainbow or Brown trout in a lake or dam. It is an exciting, adrenaline-pumping rush from one venue to the next in an environment where nature deals the cards. The achiever is rewarded with a certificate proving he has successfully succeeded in completing the Macnab challenge together with a satisfying feel of success.

RRSafaris Macnab hunting and fishing challenge
The challenge is done only from sunrise to sunset.
2 days all inclusive Package includes
1 x Blesbuck 
1 x Yellow-billed duck or Guineafowl
1 x Trout (Various)
2 x Nights accommodation food , local beer and spirits (5 Star accommodation)

$ 3 500.00 All Inc


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